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Wellness Guide

There are 6 core principles that I believe are fundamental in the  overall health and wellness journey, especially as we age or deal with disease.


The only way that your body has the building blocks to grow and heal is through the food that we consume

Nutritional Cooking


The brain relies on sleep to clear out the left over metabolites and waste products from the day.

Man Sleeping

Mental Stimulation

"Use it or lose it" pertains to the mind just as it does to our physical body. 

Woman Reading a Book


 Exercise helps with sleep, mood, metabolism, and cognition. It can help stave off diabetes and dementia and can reverse some diseases.

Resistance Band

Social Connection

Connecting to other people is the way that we have been made. It is foundational to our well being. 


Meditation and Meditative Prayer

Finding some time to recenter ourselves in this crazy world in so important. It helps us stay in tune with who we are, what we want and where we are going. 

woman meditating.jpg
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